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Hands Across Cultures believes la cultura cures. We see culture as the foundation of human growth; spirituality as the strength of the people; each person’s need to love and be loved; family preservation; individual responsibility; and the pursuit of human potential.

We’re working together to ensure that all Northern New Mexicans, of all ages, have the support they need as they face challenges every day. We support creative and result-focused strategies to build safe, healthy, and resilient communities.


Our art promotes a vision of 100% thriving. We’re educators, inventors, artists, filmmakers and creative thinkers, collaborating to address challenges with imagination. Much like an artist approaching an empty canvas, Hands Across Cultures views Northern New Mexico as a place where inspiration can create solutions to challenges once thought of as unsolvable. We turn “that’s impossible” into “yes, we can.”

We’re part artist’s studio and part lab, inspiring community-building and creativity to solve our most pressing problems. We’re collaborating to address challenges with imagination.


We’re focusing on cultural and emotional health, so our community can find success with school, family, friendships and work. We aim to support, connect and empower communities. We’re celebrating cultures and traditions in order to empower families and young adults.

We’re creating places for people to come together and share their wealth of experiences, creativity and expertise to provide answers to questions, solutions to problems, and support when they need it.

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Join Hands Across Cultures and enjoy collaboration and events that build confidence and strength. To learn more about our history, projects, staff, partners, board members and opportunities to engage and support us, please contact Hands Across Cultures director Diego López in Española here.

Diego López

In order to grow and continue the healing of our communities from the long-endured trauma and suffering, it is essential that we come together as creative entities. It is vital to collaborate in ways that are unique, exciting and bring vibrancy to the zeitgeist of Northern New Mexico. We need it now more than ever.”

—Diego López, Executive Director

Hands Across Cultures

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